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Black Lace Mindi Skirt

I’m wearing a lace skirt from Bellenista. Get 10% OFF with coupon code MAC928.








Every girl loves lace, right? At least, I do. But, when it comes to purchasing a lace skirt or dress I always hesitate. Why? You may ask. I always felt a little too feminine in lace. To many people, looking womanly is perfectly fine, but to me I felt old-fashioned.

However, this lovely lace midi skirt from Bellenista completely took my worries away. True, the skirt has a classic full midi silhouette, but the see-through mini lining added an edgy look. When I saw it I knew I found the perfect lace skirt immediately.

It’s very hard to find a good quality lace skirt with a reasonable price tag. This Bellenista lace skirt is made of soft, high quality lace. The lining is soft to touch as well. The elastic waist gives a very comfortable fitting. I like to feel good as I’m looking good in my clothes. And, this skirt gives me both.

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