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How to dress nicely for work everyday

To some people, dressing nice for work everyday is already hard enough, let alone having a young child.

I used to be the kind of person who can not wear the same outfit twice, but having a child changed my priority. Now, I literarily have 5 minutes to figure out what to wear for work. The situation kind of forced me to think of a system that I can apply to work attire so that I will look decent at work everyday. This is what I’ve come to:

  1. Create an outfit the night before. This way I don’t stress out myself, because when I get stressed I will panic, then I will end up wearing something that I regret for the rest of the day.
  2. Stick to a color family. One color palette does not mean your outfit has to be matchy-matchy. It only means to be a little mindful of the color choice. After all, you are not going to a fashion week show, you are just going to an office environment. Staying in one color family will make you look more unified and put-together.
  3. Buy quality essentials. Quality essentials are the building blocks of every outstanding outfit. A quality essential not only can be repeatedly used in different outfits, but also will make every outfit look expensive. Please don’t try to save on essential elements.


Here are some of my tips on how to dress nicely for work everyday. I would love to hear yours. Please drop a note in comments to share your ideas.



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