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All the Precious Moments

As they say, time is of the essence. I’m teaming up with JORD in a giveaway for my Instagram family. One lucky follower will win a $100 gift card toward one of their own beautifully made JORD wood watches. However there is a twist – everyone wins in this contest. Those who enter will receive a $25 gift card automatically!

To enter: CLICK HERE and it will take you directly to be entered! That’s It!!!😉😘Giveaway will end on Wednesday the 19th at 11:59 pm! Thank you all who have entered already!


I picked the CONWAY Series Wood Watch for my husband, Hailong. This watch is made with finely grained Zebrawood and paired with aromatic dark Sandalwood. When I opened the box, I was first captured by its pleasant timber scent. It felt like I just stepped into a meadow surrounded by red woods. I was also pleasantly surprised by its superb quality and beauty. The watch has a classic design with modern details.

What makes my heart sing is not necessarily something with a high price tag, but rather the inherent beauty and quality that speaks to me. It’s the finely crafted details in things that enrich life and bring the small moments in life that inspire me. JORD’s watches hit all the right notes. Every time I see JORD’s watch on Hailong’s wrist, it’s not only a watch I see, but a piece of art.



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