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Winter Vacation 2015

There’s no any other better ways to end 2015 than taking a family vacation together.

There’s a saying that goes like this: “working mothers feel guilty, stay-at-home mothers feel regret”. It really sums up modern motherhood. As a working mother, guilty is truly a feeling I learned to bear on a daily basis. Did I give her a balanced nutritional diet? Did I spend enough quality time with her to teach her the important lessons so she can grow up to be a decent human being? Did I love her enough and have enough patience for her so she can grow to be a confident and self-assured person? Did I? My actions, of course, always felt short to what my expectations are due to the limited time I have with her. Thank God, the long over due family vacation allows me the time that I crave but lack to spend with her to catch up with the things I wanted to do with her.

For this year’s vacation, I deliberately chose to go into the nature and stayed in a cabin so it forced us to not be bothered by TV, cell phones, and social medias. Each night we played a game together by the fire place and drank hot coco.
Niuniu still remembers the cable car riding and the Golden Gate Bridge bike riding events from last year’s trip to San Francisco, so we decided to extend out trip for couple of days to revisit these events again.


I think this trip is not only important for her up-bring, but also very important for my own physiological health. I felt that I knew her better (which is a very vital feeling for a mother) after the trip so for the future I will have a better insight of how to deal with her when she’s getting frustrated or being fuzzy.

But, of course, the nature is so nurturing as well. It never failed to calm and sooth my soul.

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