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A Great Essential

When I was hunting for a tan leather skirt, I was so very fortunate to came across this great skirt by French Connection, and it fits the bill in every way.

great essential - tan leather skirtDSC_0435DSC_0168edit

This tan faux leather skirt is a great essential for this Fall/Winter season. It goes with just about every single thing in my closet. I know many people (including myself pre-blogging) think essentials are boring, but, quite contrarily, great essentials are the building blocks of any great outfit. The trick of creating an interesting outfit with essentials is to pair them with the right accessories.

I wanted to create a casual look with this tan leather skirt, so I chose the chambray shirt to go with it. I added a tan leather belt to reinforce the casual look. A pair of studded pumps and a tan colored clutch were used to introduce some femininity to this otherwise masculine outfit. A gold chain, as the final touch, was used to add a little personality.

The tan leather skirt and chambray shirt are both essentials, therefore, you will see them in many of my posts. Like I mentioned before, great essentials are the building blocks of any great outfit, so I will be very careful and picky on choosing essentials.

Photography: Diarra Yaw 


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