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A Magical Versatile Piece

Being a full-time working mother and running a style blog on the side, time is of the essence. Efficiency, time management, and priority combined is the key to keep my life going some what smoothly.







Since the inception of my style blog, the question I keep asking myself is what I can do to create a dressing formula that will save me tons of time, but still helps me look sophistically stylish.

Buying good quality, essential pieces so they can be our outfits building blocks is not news to most of us. But, once we bough a versatile piece we still need to know how to utilize it to it’s full potential. A magical piece won’t be so magical if you don’t know how take advantage of it.

Here, I want to share with you a thing or two that I figured out for how to wearing my navy blue vest, one of my go to pieces.

After a few plays, I found that the easies way to make me look sharp, sophisticated, and even slim with this navy vest is to wear a monochrome color underneath it. In this post, I demonstrated all-white under navy. In my lost post, I had a baby blue shirtdress under navy. Since navy is such a neutral color, it goes with so many other colors. And, remember to add a statement accessory as the finishing touch.

Have fun.

In this outfit, I’m wearing:

Vest: Zara
Tee: Acne Studios
Jeans: Ralph Lauren (Distress effect was a DIY)
Shoe: Samantha Fleets
Necklace: Samantha Wills
Bag: Valentino
Sunnies: Chanel

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