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Dressing for a date night

This outfit is so perfect for a date night out with your husband or boyfriend. 

As women, we all want to be adored and loved by our husband or boyfriend. But, sometimes, love needs to be nurtured, it doesn’t just come without any effort.

I’m not a love expert, but I’m a woman who’s loved by my husband. From my own experience I  think that to love yourself, accept who you are, and maintain a positive and beautiful self-image is the first thing to do to begin a long, enjoyable love journey.

Well, back to style, I think always dressing exceptionally beautiful when you go out for a date night (especially for married women) is always a smart move. He will be reminded why he married you at the first place.

DSC_4696Here’s how you can create a sexy and classy look:

  1. Black sheer silk blouse with a lace bra underneath. Mysterious and sexy without  revealing too much skin.
  2. Navy over-the-knee midi skirt. It flatters a woman’s body by manifesting a woman’s figure.
  3. Pumps are  a must to finish the look, for they elongate a woman’s body.




Silk blouse: Vince

Lack bra: Yoins

Midi skirt: Harlowe & Graham by Nordstrom

Pumps: Vince

Handbag: Prada

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Reply October 13, 2015

Love this post!
You should talk more about love :) and that's great advice "He will be reminded why he married you at the first place."
This look is classy and girly with just the right amount of peekaboo...
More date outfits please!

    Reply October 13, 2015

    Thank you my dear!!

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