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I was hesitated to purchase a furry vest for a long time. I saw other girls could pull them off cooly, but never believed that I was one of them, until I tried one on. 

Before I got this fur vest, my fear was that I can not handle it, besides it’s not my style because it’s way to bohemian. But, very much to my surprise, it’s very versatile and very moldable. Yes, if you want it to look bohemian it totally can, but it also can be so many other things. It all depends on show you style it.

Here, in this post, I demonstrated how you can work the vest into a rock n’ roll look.

  1. Add a leather pants to you outfit, this will automatically lends a rock n’ roll look to any outfits.
  2. Add a pair of black leather shoes. Black leather, black leather…remember.
  3. Add some silver chained accessoriess and jewelry.

The fur vest is the finishing piece that made the whole outfit super cool. Don’t you agree? 🙂
DSC_0211DSC_0220DSC_0222DSC_0308DSC_0182DSC_0107 DSC_0181


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