By mountainandcloud

Let the Wind Blow

I remember, when I was very young, the single thing that would make me feel the most joyous was Spring. Watching fresh green leaves sprouting, flowers budding, willow catkins dancing in the air, frozen cracking ground giving in to soft mud… Oh! I would lift my head up and high to breath in the cool, fresh Spring air. Every sign of Spring awakened my soul. As I grow older, the joyous feeling has been subsided by trivial things. However, I still feel more lively by the subtle things I still notice. Something like the dancing hem of my trench coat 🙂

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Trench coat is a full-proof piece that every woman should have. Throw a trench coat over almost anything will make you look polished immediately. There are different styles of trench coats, some are fitted, some are oversized, some are at knee length and some are longer, some are classic and some are trendy. Do your research and find the one that fit your body type and lifestyle the most.

Here are few styles I’m currently loving:

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