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Buy Better, Buy Authentic

When I was younger, I always get overwhelmed at each turn of season when I need to add more pieces to upgrade my wardrobe. There was always so much information and distractions coming from all directions. I often felt I didn’t have enough money to buy the things I needed. However, over the time, I started to realize that as long as I stick to the rule it can be quite simple.

And, the rule is buy less, buy better, and buy authentic.



As I get fashion savvier every year, I grow to like designer pieces for their craftsmanships, quality materials, and timeless designs. I wanted to build a capsule wardrobe that is filled with timeless, quality pieces which allows me to create effortless and comfortable outfits from day to night. And, thanks to TheRealReal, it allows my wish gradually come to fruition.



Each month, instead of buying a few fast fashion pieces, I spend my monthly fashion budget at TheRealReal to buy just one quality, versatile piece. Over the time, my closet is slowly filled with items I truly appreciate.



Everyday I feel good and comfortable in what I wear simply because I wear the things I truly believe and love.




Fashion Items:
Dress: MS. Min from TheRealReal

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