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Off Shoulder Dress






I don’t normally fall for the trap of fashion trends, and I consider myself pretty level-headed when it comes to fashion fads. I always ask myself the same questions as whether I will be wearing it for years to come and whether I can pair it with many other things in my closet.

But, but, but… although I admit that this off shoulder design might be another fast fashion trend, I had little resistance to it’s girly, playful and feminine characters. It’s very sexy in a tasteful way. And, I can imagine myself having a lots of fun with it while the trend lasts… so, I decided to let go of my fashion rules and allow myself to enjoy a fast fashion for once.

I’m wearing:
Off shoulder dress: Tibi
Gladiator sandals: Sigerson Morrison (2 seasons ago). I like this and this.
Cross body bag: Valentino
Sunnies: Dior

I looked for some off shoulder dresses that are cute with affordable price tags.

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The inline coemtnms are great, but only if you get 1 comment on the video before you check them, since it only shows the most recent per video.

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