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Using red as the accent color effectively will bring an outfit together, so you will achieve the desirable put-together look. Here are a few tips you can consider:

  • Create an outfit by using pieces that are in the same color family. And, chose a color theme that will be complemented by red, color such as black, grey, blue, or warm neutral. By doing so, a unified base will be created and it will make the red pop more.
  • Use the red accessories sparingly. I wouldn’t use more than three red accessories in one outfit, otherwise, it will give a tring-to-hard feeling.
  • Be confident and comfortable in your outfit. Nothing will make you look more attractive than being yourself.

I hope these fashion tips are helpful to you. If you have anything you would like to share with me please don’t hesitate to leave a note in comments. Thank you!

I’m wearing in this outfit:
Oversized grey crochet cardigan: Azul-by-Moussy
White tee: Azul-by-Moussy
Baggy boyfriend jeans: Azul-by-Moussy
Watch: Elico Assoulini
Red tassels earrings: FIDM Museum shop. I also love this.
Grey textured clutch: FIDM Museum shop. I also love this and this.
Red tasseled belt: April Snow Boutique at Arcadia Westfield Mall. I also like this.
Shoes: Valentino

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