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Powerful Stripes

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From time to time, thank God it doesn’t happen often otherwise my child’s educational fund will not be happy, I will find one thing that just grabs my attention and would not let me go until it becomes mine.

In a fateful afternoon, I walked into a boutique store completely unaware what’s waiting for me until I was happily surprised to see this shirtdress. It’s asymmetrical cut with crisp menswear-inspired stripes screams “unique” to me. I tried it on and it became mine.

Something unique doesn’t come across my path often anymore. Not because I became snobby, but only because I gradually found the voice of my style. It’s a process, and along the way it takes a little self analyzing and self discipline. But, the process is so worthy that in a long run you will create a capsule wardrobe that will not only make you look and feel your best but also reveal the unique you in your own comfortable way.

I bought the shirtdress, red belt with tassels and striped Mickey Mouse clutch from Korean boutique shop called April Snow at Arcadia Westfield mall, California. Since they are not made by well known designers I had a hard time to find the same things online, so I did my best to find something similar to recreate the same spirit.

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