By mountainandcloud

Presumably Rock n’ Roll

I’m always drawn to rock n’ roll elements in an outfit, but never feel comfortable to wear a head-to-toe rock n’ roll outfit. 

So, this is what I will do to customize an rock n’ roll outfit that works for my personality.

  1. Have all essential rock n’ roll elements ready. They are a black tee, a pair of leather pants, a pair of killer ankle boots.
  2. Some rock n’ roll accessories are nice to have, but not critical.
  3. Last but not the least (here’s my customization part), add  a long  over-the-knee, flowy shirtdress to take off a little edge.

DSC_0010DSC_4603DSC_0076 DSC_0058DSC_0015DSC_0093

DSC_0091Split shirtdress: Zara

Black tee: Vince

Black leather pants: J’Crew

Ankle boots: Acne

Bag: MCM

Photographed by: Diarra Yaw

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