By mountainandcloud

Relaxed Chic

Fall is around the corner.

I’m getting myself Fall-ready by collecting outfit ideas.

And, finding similar items from TheRealReal to create those outfits.

I found satisfactions from doing things like that, and please don’t ask me why.


For this Fall, I love the idea of having a blazer over a maxi dress look. It has this relaxed chic feel, with a touch of femininity.

From Image I:
Dress: Capulet XS | Blazer: D&G Medium | Sandals: Valentino 7 | Basket Tote: Muun

From Image II:
Dress: Zero + Maria Cornejo Large (10) | Blazer: Theory Medium | Sandals: Manolo Blahnik 9 | Shoulder Bag: FENDI

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