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Stripe & Midi Skirt

There are somethings in fashion seem to be immortal. 

Stripe pattern is one of them, and midi skirt the other. If you are looking for a new skirt I would recommend you a midi skirt and here is why:

  1. It’s super versatile
  2. It’s a classic silhouette
  3. It’s easy to style
  4. It  complements any shape of body type
  5. Stripe pattern is a bonus. It adds a modern touch to the classic silhouette.  (For those who want to create a slimmer visual of bottom, I would recommend a vertical stripe pattern.)


I purchased this midi skirt since April, and I got my money’s worth. See my other posts for different styling ideas with the same midi skirt at  here  and  here.

Stripe midi skirt

Stripe midi skirt

DSC_0681Stripe Midi Skirt: J’Crew. I also like this pencil stripe midi skirt here. For those who want to create a more dramatic look, this is for you.

Eyeglasses: polette

Denim Shirt: Converse from Target

Bag: Marc Jacob

Shoe: Valentino

Jewelry: Baroni



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