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Summer Essentials

I consider the white sleeveless shirt as the quintessential summer essential. This year I updated my with Ruby Sees All white sleeveless dress. You may ask why dress but shirt? Well, this particular dress is cut so sleekly and simply, it can be worn by itself or as a top. For it’s simple cut when it’s worn with a skirt there’s no unflattering bulkiness underneath, so in a sense I’m getting more for my money. Another thing worth to notice is the loose-turtle-neck and deep-arm-holes cut. It’s a very much classic cut with a contemporary update.



Since I have a 5-year-old little girl (very adorable one, mind you) so I’m always out during the weekends, therefore, straw hat is another summer essential for me.





Speaking of summer hats, I personally love panama hats and boater hats. I think they are very easy to wear, almost goes with everything. As panama hats give a cool, nonchalant air, the boater hats give more of a classic, retro look. If you can’t decide which one you like more, just like me (funny face), then get both of them. Nowadays, they are both readily available for affordable prices.


I picked a few straw hats I thought that you might like

I’m wearing:
Top: Ruby Sees All dress wore as a top. This one will work, too.
Skirt: J’Crew from last season. This and this will work, too.
Hat: Goorin Bros
Sunnies: Miu Miu
Shoes: Butter
Bag: Valentino

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Reply July 5, 2016

You look so chic - love the polished lines of this ensemble!

Come check out how I did boho style at the blog - hope you had a great 4th of July!!


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