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That Wrap Skirt







I think wrap skirt is the skirt that’s worth of buying. It gives you a very different vibe than any other skirts. It’s casual, but not without any details. It’s edgy, but not too conspicuous. It has an unique design, but is still versatile enough to go with different tops.

The wrap skirt I’m wearing is from Ruby Sees All, an Australian design label that I’ve fell in love with recently. They like to use cutting edgy, innovative fabrics that always have interesting graphical patterns. And their designs are modern, clean and sometimes edgy.

I’m wearing:
Wrap Skirt: Ruby Sees All
Black Tee: Vince
Sandals: Alexander Wang
Bag: Dylan Kain
Sunglasses: Gucci

In my humble opinion, wrap skirt is the must-to-have skirt in every girl’s closet. I picked a few options that might work for different aesthetics.

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