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The Cool Palette

To me, one of the joys of creating an outfit is to see all of the colors of each fashion item coming together harmoniously.

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I remember there were times that my friends would ask me why I wore things the way I wore them. “Why, I just feel like to.” I would often say, because I didn’t know the answer. But, as I started the journey of blogging my fashion style, I started to analyze the way I style my outfits.

I think my outfit of the day is often driven by my mood of the day. And, my mood is often expressed by colors. For instance, when I was putting this featured outfit together, I felt refreshed by the wintery rain and cool air so I opted in for this pure white long sleeve dress paired with this washed denim vest. Once I have this set going, everything else just came naturally – navy blue coat, over-the-knee black boots, and grey knit beanie and gloves. All of a sudden, I have this outfit with a cool color palette that expresses my current mood.

So, next time if you are lost in front your closet, think how you feel.

I’m wearing:
Topcoat & Denim Vest: J’Crew
White Sleeve Dress: FIDM Scholarship Store
Over-the-Knee Boots: Loeffler Randall
Beanie & Gloves: Sophia Cashmere
Bag: Fendi

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Reply February 10, 2016

Nice Beanie!

    Reply March 1, 2016

    They look like they're doing a great job! I have a fight with my two and a half year old, she tends to eat the toothpaste, and then motsly brush her tongue, but she's fiercely independant and doesn't like mummy to help. I might start doing it while she's asleep !!

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