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The Luxe Basic







As I get older I believe more and more in quality, basic essentials. They’re not only the building blocks of our signature personal styles, but also give us the best Return of Investments (ROIs).

Having that said, finding the quality, basic essentials that suit your life style is the key. After all, you don’t want to spend so much money on a piece that you hardly wear. That wouldn’t give you much of ROIs, would it?

To some people, a basic essential literarily means no fuzz, just clean cut of everything. But to me, I always appreciate a little more, a clever design is always desired, therefore, I fell in love with J. Dosi’s Kiara Suede Coat. It’s a very fine, light-weight suede blazer with a drape front design. The design allows even more wears for different looks you need.

For a casual look, I will just throw it over jeans and a tee; for a semi-formal look (work or business event) I would pair it with trousers, like I featured in this post; for a formal, impressive look, I will wear it over a dress or a pencil skirt and wrap the jacket with a sleek belt. No matter how you wear the jacket, you will alway have a polished and sophisticated look.

J. Dosi designer collection will be launching in January 2017. You can find more information by sending an email to

This post is brought to you by J.Dosi. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I’m wearing:
Kiara Suede Coat: J. Dosi
Rex Rabbit Fur Ball 18K Keychain: J. Dosi

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