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The Maxi Dress

Like most of us, I have limited budget for apparel. I need to be smart about it, and I know I’m still working on it. Currently, my strategy is to spent more on quality accessories such as shoes, bags or sunnies. I will buy less, but buy very well made versatile products. When it comes to cloth, I tend to buy essential things that I know I can wear them in different outfits. I also like to shop at lower-end boutique shops, because a) I have higher chance to find unique stuff; b) I don’t want to pay too much to something that’s going to be out-of-style the next season. In order to survive, small boutique owners are working hard to stock their shops with affordable and fun clothing.

IMG_2685 IMG_2723 IMG_2743 IMG_2751 IMG_2781

This dress, I discovered in FIDM Scholarship store, is a little gem. It has a very cool design on the back with a long messed maxi skirt at the bottom. As soon as I saw it, I knew immediately that I will have a lots of fun with it. In this post I featured it with a shirt over for a casual look on a cooler day. I think on a warmer day i will wear it with tee to create the same kind of casual look. At night, it will be a different story :-).


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