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The Perfect Duo

A sleeveless turtle neck chunky sweater may just be the answer to the, lately, wacky Southern Cal weather. As soon as I put them on I feel that my skinny torso is protected from the cool L.A. breeze, yet I don’t feel over heated because of the exposed arms and lets.

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The opening on both sides of the sweater made the design a little less of conventional, therefore, more playful and more room for imagination. I can see this sweater is a good piece to have for either a cool Summer day or a bleak cold Winter day.

For the summer look, I simply wear a Jewel Toned shapewear underneath the sweater, so I am modestly covered and feeling confident.

Sleeveless Turtle Neck Chunky Sweater: Free People

Black Shapewear/ Mini Dress: Jewel Toned

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