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Winter Layers

I love wearing layers. It gives me chances to be creative and have fun. But, I know it doesn’t come easy (wearing layers) to many people I know.
I always paid attention to the following things when I put together a layered look:

  1. Keep it simple. Although I lover wearing layers, at times it still can be daunting to put together an interesting outfit, especially when I’m tired or pressed by time. So, the best thing to do to avoid the overwhelmed feeling is to put an outfit together the night before, and stay with simple ideas.
  2. Color. Try to stay within 2, no more then 3, color families.
  3. Silhouette. Stay with the cut that flatters your unique body shape. Don’t buy anything just because it’s a hot style, but buy because it works for you.
  4. Accessories. It’s the finishing touch that can either make or break your outfit. Don’t over accessorize, only use the elements that support the image you want to create.

fall layersIMG_6631-2 IMG_6633 IMG_6665

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